We are Passionate About Building Tools for Growth and Improvement

Academy Evolve believes education should not be limited to the classroom. Our training tools have been created to bring high-level customized courses for personal and professional growth.  

Individualized Online Learning

People learn in different ways. To accommodate this, we have built a system that learns as you do.

Every course we offer is built into our artificial intelligence system. This allows us to offer a unique combination of front-end education and back-end retention metrics. You will know what employees respond best to what training courses and be able to plan improvements accordingly.

Classroom Style Lessons

Your employees will learn curated classroom style lessons that cover a variety of topics

Each course contains individual lessons that teach in a sequential classroom style. Your courses can be customized and will contain stacked lessons with completion certificates and data about how the course was received by your employees.

Course Camps

Need to do an intensive training camp? We have you covered.

If you prefer to do full training camps instead of courses here and there, we are happy to accommodate you. We can work with you to create a training camp to cover whatever your individual needs are.

One on One Trainer Courses

Needing one person to have an intensive understand in order to train others? 

If you are needing one person who has a deeper knowledge of what you are doing this is the route for you. We can work with your training to develop tools or to utilize your existing technology in order to help train your team. 

Professional Growth Courses

Have an amazing employee wanting to round out their skills in hopes of advancing their career? 

Great worker wanting to take the next steps toward developing a career in your company? We can help with that! Whether it is learning a new skill or expanding an existing experience. Talk to our Rep about expanding what we can offer to your employees to help their and your growth!

Education is in Our Blood

The desire to learn is universal and everlasting. Academy Evolve was founded to accommodate that desire and allow employers to provide high quality custom continuing education opportunities to their personnel. We offer corporate training as well as individual personal courses.

Join the Evolution

Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence is the future. Learn better, be better.

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Entirely Remote Training

Allow your employees to complete their trainings wherever works best. Academy Evolve offers 100% remote courses that incorporate Ai to insite on engagement. This provides a more thorough training experience for your employees and a better ROI for you.

Backed by Artificial Intelligence

Academy Evolve utilizes a custom Ai built for reviewing course metrics such as time spent for completion, scores, and over all engagement. This results in a better training experience for you and your employees as well as a chain of evidence and usable metrics.  

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